If you're reading this while you're on your lunch break, you can probably relate to the news that people just aren't going out to lunch as much as they used to.  Bringing a brown bag lunch from home is the more popular thing to do.  The Wall Street Journal just reported some research findings that show restaurant foot traffic has declined over the years.

The good thing about this trend is that people can save money by packing a sandwich or reheating leftovers in the office microwave.  Supermarket food is generally more affordable than a meal ordered at a restaurant.  Eating in the office works well if you've got a lot of work to get back to.  Many people can't really justify taking time off to travel to a restaurant and sit down for a leisurely meal.

But the down side of this trend is that many people are really stressed out.  Experts recommend stepping away from the desk and taking an actual break to refuel your body and your brain.  For the sake of work-life balance, they recommend eating outside or in the company break room.

Do you like to go to Ocean County restaurants during your work day?  Or do you usually bring lunch from home?  Please share in the Comments section.

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