Some of the best schools in the state are right here in Mercer County, NJ! The top public school districts were just rated and a few names you may recognize made the list. is a website that basically rates which schools are ranked as the best wherever you’re searching, and our state has been updated.

At first, I was kind of skeptical about how they actually put their list together for these rankings, but they explain it all right at the top of the site. Word for word, the website states that "All of the data is based on “test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and public school district ratings".

In the list of every school district in the entire state, Mercer County is represented in the top 3, another popping up in the top 5, and one more district in the top 20.

So, which towns have the best public school districts?

Rated at number 3 overall, Princeton Public Schools is the highest-rated Mercer County district that made the list.

Their overall “grade” from the website is an A+ when rated on their academics, teachers, clubs, diversity, health and safety, and college prep.

Rated number 4 in West Windsor- Plainsboro Reginal School District. There are very slight differences in the ratings between this and Princeton. You can check out the individual category ratings here.

The next Mercer County district that was highly rated was Hopewell Valley Regional School District, coming in at number 19. You can compare their category ratings to the others using this link.

It was cool to see Mercer County taking over the list here!

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