When I think of shuffleboard, I think of senior citizens.  It's probably because the first time I ever saw it was at the retirement home of my parents' friends.  Apparently the game is not just for older people anymore.  20 and 30 somethings are gathering for shuffleboard and other games that used to be reserved for the Shuffleboard hotspots are attracting Millennials in Ocean Grove, North Jersey and New York City.

Where in Ocean County do YOU play?  Give a shout out to your community or recreation center.  Where are the public parks or beach areas that have shuffleboard cues and discs?

Another outdoor activity that's popular again is pickleball.  The sport that's kind of like tennis, ping pong and badminton is a game that all ages can play.  It's supposedly very easy to learn and can be exciting and addictive.  Of the country's 2.5 million pickleball players, how many are in Ocean County?  Let us know where you play and what you like about it.


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