happyjed1, flickr
happyjed1, flickr


I do!  I always find it fun and I'm exercising while doing it. 

It's American Biking Month.  As kids we always wanted to get on our bikes and ride around the neighborhood and still to this day most kids love riding their bikes.  It's something the whole family can do together.  Around here in Ocean County there are some great trials..like the one my daughter and I go to all the time, at Gille Park.  There's a lovely trail there where you can walk and ride.

When I was younger and living in PA the greatest thing was coming to the shore and riding our bikes on the boardwalk.  I'm so happy to call the shore my home, because now I can do it with my daughter and I love it so much.  We ride our bikes early in the morning on the boardwalk and stop for breakfast or a little snack on the boardwalk.  There is nothing like it!

In Ocean County, where do you ride with kids?


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