Let the Count Down Begin! March 13-17 marks spring break at Monmouth Universities and lots of other colleges around the country.

Monmouth University Campus (Amanda Mauro)
Monmouth University Campus (Amanda Mauro)

For college students, spring break is the equivalent of Christmas and Hanukah. It's basically 8 days, give or take, and each day waking up feeling like it's Christmas morning.

For most college students, it's a chance to put the books aside and study up on which fruity cocktail taste better. Lab experiments turn into experimenting how long you can bake in the sun without sunscreen. And most importantly, how many Instagrams and Snapchats you can take before your phone dies or lands in the water.
The best part about spring break is that it's the perfect time to travel. For many, despite the fact that most college students are considered broke, sacrificing the morning Dunkin coffee becomes worth it if it means visiting islands such as the Punta Cana or Cancun.
Spring break has become a huge market for travel agencies. When it comes to traveling, money and getting where you want to go for the cheapest price is the goal of many college students.
For students at Monmouth, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is real, so going where everyone else is becomes mandatory.
Spring Break
There are those students who are taking this spring break as a chance to relax and enjoy all the Jersey Shore has to offer.
To many, spring break may be about hangovers and sunburn, but there are those who are taking advantage of the chance they have to visit friends and family.
Bridget McCormick, a senior at Monmouth University, is planning on spending her time off taking her dogs to the beach and visiting family she hasn't seen in a while.
There are also tons of restaurants in the area you can try or explore some of Monmouth and Ocean County's beautiful park systems if the weather is nice.
With no classes or homework to worry about, there are also students who are taking this week as a chance to put some money in their pockets. It's a stress-free week some students can dedicate to working and making money, instead of spending it.
Regardless of where you go or what you do for spring break, it is all what you make of it. Traveling to an island and partying all day and night could be fun, but there's nothing wrong with a week of relaxation on your couch at home.
With the way the weather has been, it might even be nice here next week. Who says you have to visit the Caribbean in order to get a tan?

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