We all fantasize about getting out of the Garden State at some point.

Whether it's because everything's too expensive or you're just sick of all the traffic, we all wonder what our lives would be like if we ever bit the bullet and escaped dirty Jerz for good. Will we ever? Who knows?

Some people have. Those that have up and left the state are taking to social media to assure us all that yes, you will think about the Garden State quite a bit, and no, you won't find better pizza.

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Okay, that last part wasn't said in those exact words, but talk to anyone who's moved out of New Jersey and they'll tell you that the pizza everywhere else is sub-par. If this TikTok is to be believed, it's not just the pizza, but all food.

It's no secret that Jersey's home to some really great cooks and some even more fabulous restaurants. Say what you want about NJ, but folks in the Garden State know how to throw down in the kitchen. You definitely won't leave a Jersey home hungry.

The food's not all you'll miss after leaving Jersey, though. The traffic patterns will allegedly drive you bananas. You think it's rough when Pennsylvania and New York drivers don't stay in the right lane when driving the speed limit? Wait until you head south.

You have to love TikTok. Even if you're not a huge fan of social media, you have to give some of these TikTok creators credit. Seriously though, at least they keep it real.

So, will you miss Jersey if you wind up catching a U-Haul truck out of here? Short answer: Yup.

Source: TikTok

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