I've never been into sports and I still don't understand football, but I'm blogging today about the Superbowl.  By all accounts, it was an exciting game and the underdog Eagles proved all the doubters wrong.  Who doesn't love a good underdog story?  That Philadelphia, with their backup quarterback, could end the Patriots winning streak is an awesome feat.  I can understand why there was so much celebrating in the streets last night!

What I love about big sporting events is how they bring people together.  I love seeing strangers hug and high five each other.  I witnessed this first hand in Manhattan after the Giants won the Superbowl in 2012.) I love how happy parents look when they share great sports moments with their excited kids.  I love how team chants erupt spontaneously on the street and on commuter trains.  (I witnessed some of that over the weekend in Center City.)

I love how the Superbowl gave us a break from political divisiveness and debate.  Sure there are team rivalries; each side wants THEIR team to win, but sports debate feels more playful than a lot of political trash talk.

Sports gives us something POSITIVE to focus on.  It gives fans reason to feel proud and rejoice.  You know, it kind of reminds me of when the Toms River team won the Little League World Series in 1998!  Remember what a good mood everyone in Ocean County was in?  Remember how proud of our hometown boys we were?


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