Like me, you may be seeing a lot of people joking on social media about Hermine being the storm that wasn't this past weekend.

While it did indeed turn out to be a lot of blowing air, both literally and figuratively, there were some things that made an impression on me this past Labor Day Weekend.

The most important thing that I noticed - people listened.

Look, I wouldn't want a meteorologist's job.

When they're right, they're heroes. But when the forecast changes, they get pilloried.

But here's the thing - in a situation like Hermine, it's better to be "wrong".

I spent some time on the Seaside Heights and Seaside Park boardwalks on Saturday and I noticed that there weren't a lot of people there considering it was Labor Day Saturday.

And while we depend on tourism dollars for our economy, a "down" weekend is a lot better than hundreds, or even thousands being caught in the grips of a natural disaster.

On Saturday night there was an incredibly strong wind on the boardwalk and one of the roughest surfs that I've seen in my years living in Ocean County.

Which was a sobering sign of what could have been.

It's really easy to sit back and be an armchair meteorologist and criticize. But it sure beats the alternative, don't you think?