Today, I had to do one of those things that almost all adult New Jerseyans dread - I had to go to my local Motor Vehicle Commission office to renew my driver's license.

The public consciousness is littered with horror stories of long lines, endless waits, surly employees, and impatient customers.

If you've come here in hopes of one of those stories, I have to apologize in advance.

Believe it or not, my experience was actually pretty uneventful and, dare I say, even somewhat pleasant.

I got to the MVC office in Lakewood around 9:30 this morning. I was able to walk right up to the reception desk and handed the attendant my documents. She looked them over and gave me a number.

I was given number 26. I didn't know where they were in the list when I sat down, but when they called number 24, I was pretty happy knowing that there weren't a dozen people ahead of me.

I was called up within 15 minutes. The employee, Casey, was chatty and friendly (and even told me that my picture wasn't as awful as I thought it was).

Having to do something that a lot of people don't like having to do, and especially during a time of the year when a lot of us are stressed out, I appreciated the speed and friendliness that I encountered at the last place that most of us would expect.

So, my thanks to Casey and the other employees that made the experience not nearly as bad as I expected!

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