Kentucky Fried Chicken has gone through a number of branding changes over the years (most notably, when they moved away from the full name to the current "KFC"). But one thing has always stayed with the brand - the iconic image of Colonel Sanders. And lately, they've resurrected the Colonel. Almost literally.

A number of weeks ago, "The Colonel" showed back up in new TV ads. You might not have even realized, but it was a heavily made-up Darrell Hammond (of SNL fame)


Personally, I thought the campaign was awkward at best and disrespectful at worst. to me, it feels like it's making a caricature out of the memory of a dead man.

Well, you might have noticed a Colonel shuffle over the weekend. There's yet another actor bringing back the iconic Kentucky Colonel, this time it's fellow SNL alum Norm Macdonald (a Canadian playing a signature Southern gentleman? Blasphemy!)

I honestly don't know what to make of the whole thing. I get that it's supposed to be fun and tongue in cheek, but I find it a bit tacky. If I was the family of the actual Harland Sanders, I'd find the whole thing to be in bad taste.

But hey, for all I know, the family may have given the OK to the campaign.

What do you think? Do you find the ads to be a fun tribute to The Colonel or do you find them to be a disrespectful way to make money off the image of a dead man? Comment below and chime in!