It's Emmy Night!  The best of television will be honored tonight with cast and crew members walking the golden carpet in Hollywood.  I thought I'd devote today's blog to our favorite shows, current and past.

"This Is Us" is my current favorite drama and I'm pleased that the show and some cast members are nominated.  As for comedy, at least 4 people have told me I would love "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," so that's what I'll probably start binging next.  It also has a bunch of nominations going into tonight.

What I last binged was "Parenthood."  Even though I had seen most of the episodes years ago, it became my "comfort TV" when I got sick a few months ago.  It's a superbly written show with excellent performances that elicit both tears and laughs.  I recommend it.

But back to the current crop of TV shows.  What shows have you been into lately?  What actors do you think should win tonight?  Is there a series that you deem "binge-worthy?"

Speaking of TV, on Friday I got to be in the audience of a popular sitcom!  I'll tell you about my experience in tomorrow's blog.

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