Bad news for those people who loved popping into Wegman's and grabbing some food to go from their hot or cold food bars. The Asbury Park Press reports that Wegman's just announced those hot and cold food bars will not be back even after the pandemic. They were extremely popular before the pandemic, but once the health crisis began, buffets in restaurants and even in stores had to be shut down for obvious health reasons. Although operations of buffets are now allowed and have been allowed since March, Wegman's will not be bringing theirs back. Bummer.

I know those hot and cold food bars were extremely convenient to people. I remember when I first started working at PST and a bunch of coworkers would drive to Wegman's or Whole Foods and get food to go. I went with them a few times when I forgot my lunch and it was pretty cool to see the big selections they had. It was a good option is I ever forgot my lunch, but I hardly ever did that because I was always on a budget so I always brought my lunch to work. I do know people who will miss these kinds of things terribly. It's just sad to see the world changing so much because of this pandemic. I hate it. I hate the coronavirus.

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