So the other day on Facebook I came across a post from my friend Jerry Rotonda and it read like this:

I believe this with all my heart.  Years ago we were kinder.  Everybody looked out for one another.  We need to go back to that.  It takes us all.  We gotta do better at looking out for each other instead of breaking each other down.  I’m going to make a bet, that out of my family and friends, less than 10 will take the time to put this on their wall.  Who Are My Ten.?

 If you’re a regular on Facebook you have likely received something like this in the past where you are asked to post on your wall.  The first few times I saw something like this I did not know how to post on my wall so it was easy to ignore. Now I do know how but I still usually ignore these but not this one which I’m sure was sent to Jerry by someone else.

The truth is it seems that back in in the day (whenever that was) we were kinder and our first reaction was to help.  I’m sure there are plenty of places where having each other’s back is common but unfortunately there are too many instances where “love thy neighbor” is not the norm.  I don’t know when and why it changed but I do think social media has often led to so much negativity that people look to kick others when they are down.

As for the original statement that I quoted from Facebook I do have two comments.  One there is no word as gotta so it should be we’ve got to which is a tribute to my English teachers.  The other is I did get more than 10 people who posted on their wall so I feel good about that.

Have a nice day everyone and be kind to one another!


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