This "new" Aldi is so perplexing to me. Why isn't it opening? What's going on?

The Aldi is located on Rt. 70 and Massachusetts Avenue in Toms River and the Lakewood border. I've been trying to find when the "Grand Opening" is and nothing. The building looks complete and there is no action happening?

I went to the ALDI website and searched it out. I don't see a grand opening as of yet. ALDI is growing and growing and building and building in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

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ALDI prides itself as "A faster, easier, and smarter way to save money on high-quality groceries and more", according to their website. I believe it was 2019 when we found out we were getting another ALDI in Toms River. There are several locations for ALDI in Ocean County are Forked River, Toms River (Rt. 37), Manahawkin, and Brick.

This will be the second ALDI location in Toms River. The new ALDI is located in the new construction on Rt. 70 and Massachusetts. Just a little bit ago it was just a wooded area along Rt. 70.

There are seven ALDI's in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. And, more to come. When I go to ALDI, I love their bakery department. The bread is so fresh and delicious. I have several friends that only get their lunch meat there and absolutely love it. I hear all the time when I say, "ALDI" - it's so fresh.

Several of our listeners called and said they really want this Aldi to open, I totally agree with you. Toms River needs another Aldi.

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