LACEY TOWNSHIP — A student in an Ocean County school district was recently diagnosed with viral meningitis, according to a letter from the superintendent.

Lacey Township School District
Lacey Township School District

Neither the student nor the school they attend was identified, but Superintendent Craig D. Wigley said "the chance of your child or you also becoming ill with this disease is very small."

Wigley said in the letter that the viral form of meningitis is different than the bacterial form, and that the condition can usually be treated with rest and medication. The superintendent also provided some basic facts about the condition in his letter including:

  • The virus can happen throughout the year, but is most common in summer and fall.
  • Close to 90 percent of cases are due to enterovirus, which can be spread through stool or saliva. However, "most people who come in contact with enteroviruses do not develop an infection. This is because their immune system fights the virus successfully."
  • Personal hygiene can be a good way to prevent catching viral meningitis and other conditions.
  • Antibiotics are not effective against viruses

Wigley said anyone with questions about the virus should call their family doctor or call the Ocean County Department of Health at 732-341-9700 ext. 7515. He also asked people to not call the school for updates on the affected student.

"School administrators will work closely with public health officials to help keep you informed of the situation," he said.

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