Every military uniform has a story and all veterans are being invited to Monmouth University in West Long Branch this week for free workshops on how to turn them into art.

Robin Mama, Dean of the School of Social Work, says Combat Paper, a group that works out of the print making center of New Jersey, is helping veterans cut up their uniforms and turn them into paper that will be decorated with poetry, journal entries and photos.

Mama says cutting up the uniforms and turning them into paper for art is a powerful tool in helping veterans deconstruct their experiences and reclaim parts of their lives. She says some may have stories they haven't thought about or haven't been able to tell until now.

The University first offered the program last spring, but Mama said some student veterans were hesitant at first, but the really liked it, prompting M-U to offer it again.

The veterans' artwork will be on display during M-U's homecoming this Friday in the campus library from 6 to 8 pm.