Autumn across New Jersey is a beautiful time of year. From fall foliage to crisp cool air, The Garden State is a fantastic place to enjoy everything fall has to offer.

As a Jersey Shore native, I've always loved this time of year at the coast. Not only are the beaches emptier, but the weather is oftentimes perfect (not to mention, live entertainment all year long).

If you're not familiar with this region during different times of the year, then I urge you to take a day trip. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Check out these fun facts about the Jersey Shore and see why fall is such a great time of year along the coast. And even though locals may know about many of the items on this list, I'm sure they would agree that it's a wonderful time of year to enjoy.

Unique fall facts about the Jersey Shore you probably didn't know

For our visitors, check out these six fun facts about the fall season along the Jersey Shore.

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