Strange noises emanating from a trash receptacle prompts a brief evacuation of the Ocean County College campus in Toms River this afternoon. Investigators were undoubtedly relieved, and puzzled, to find out what it was.

Flickr User ST47
Flickr User ST47

According to Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little, an insulin pump was found humming, beeping and hissing in the bin near the Computer Technology building.

LIttle said that the evacuation was a precaution. A student reported the unnerving noises to a security officer, who confirmed it, and relayed the information to police.

Investigators brought in a bomb-sniffing dog from the Ocean County Sheriff's K9 squad, at which point the pump was determined to be the source.

Classes resumed in a matter of minutes, the Chief said. He said that there would be no followup to learn how or why the pump wound up in a trash can, or who dropped it there.

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