No, it's not August, but it sure seemed like it earlier today when the familiar dark summer-like storm clouds gathered over Ocean County and unleashed some torrential downpours and a few rumbles of thunder. The only things missing were temperatures in the 80s and stifling humidity. 

From our perch high above downtown Toms River here at the WOBM studios, it's always fun to set up a time lapse camera to catch some of the action.

From the familiar rush hour traffic on Water Street to surprise spring snow squalls, it's always a good idea to have a camera handy here at our offices.

Just a little while ago, our editor Brad caught this time lapse video of the summer-like storm clouds passing through the downtown area and letting loose with some of the rain that a lot of us got caught in at one point or another. Sadly, no lucky lightning strikes this time, though!

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