It was 34 years ago…..June 8th 1987, that Long Branch suffered one of its worst days in the Monmouth County towns history. The story begins with a gas leak and electrical fire that led to millions of dollars in damage following a horrific fire.


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It was on this day in history in (June 8th) 1987 that a horrible fire broke out on the Long Branch Pier following a gas leak and electrical fire. The Monmouth County landmark, the Long Branch pier, was engulfed in flames. Numerous attractions were destroyed including the famous 10,000 square foot “Haunted Mansion”. According to the book “On This Day in New Jersey History” ….. the blaze caused an estimated $8 million dollars.

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This was a horrible day in Long Branch history as the seaside town suffered so much damage to its landmark pier. The Long Branch Pier was first built in 1911. Strong winds contributed to the force of this destructive fire. Winds spread the fire that consumed the entire pier in the end.

One bright note in this horrible disaster was that no one was injured or killed in this horrible blaze.

it wasn’t until 2005 that the former pier site received a facelift. In 2005 the beautiful new Pier Village was built and replaced the destroyed remnants of the Long Branch pier fire.

Do you remember this fire? Were YOU in the area when the Long Branch pier was destroyed? Share your memories and thoughts, post below 👇🏻


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