I pass by this building on Rt. 166 all the time, just like you, and I don't think it's anything but it would be a really great spot for something cool.

I'm not really sure of the history, I just know I pass it and it's always empty and rundown. When googling the address it should be Cedar Cove Marina. If something is inside this building, I can not tell. But wouldn't it be perfect for a bar & grill right along the Toms River.

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There's a beautiful marina at the end of Crabbe Rd. It's gorgeous at Cedar Point off of Rt. 166 in South Toms River.

I don't think anything is in this fabulous building at 200 Rt. 166 in South Toms River. There are docks for boats to pull up. It might have been an old marina, but I don't remember anything ever being there for as long as I've been driving from Bayville to Toms River. It's been well over 17 years. I might be wrong.

Is the marina still up and running? I know there is a marina right behind this building. I thought it would be a great spot for a waterfront restaurant. It seems perfect right along the Toms River. Water Street is across the water but wow, what a great spot for something really good there.

I think it would be perfect for the visitors to the marina in the back, Cedar Point. Imagine a delicious restaurant and bar right along Rt. 166, it would do really well in that spot.

If I'm wrong and something is in the building, please let me know. But it looks empty to me. Someone could come in and really fix that area up and make it look great. It would be perfect for South Toms River.

When I google Cedar Cove Marina, it says it opens at 9:00 am, the marina might be in the back? I want something really cool in the building.

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