Do You Love A Good Steak?

If there is one food that makes my mouth water it is STEAK! Just looking at the photo above makes my mouth water. Steak is a delicious protein; there are so many ways to prepare it and so many different cuts. There are several fantastic cuts to choose from. Everyone has their favorite but for me, I love ribeye, filet mignon, t-bone, and porterhouse! I would have to say it's a toss-up between the ribeye and filet mignon.


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In full disclosure I do try not to go too crazy with "red" meat however when I'm in the mood...nothing beats a good steak! I have changed my style of cooking my steaks as well. I used to like mine well done, but now I prefer medium. How do YOU prefer yours?



Now onto the "best" steakhouse here in New Jersey. The Daily Meal named the River Palm Terrace the BEST steakhouse in New Jersey. The River Palm Terrace is located in Edgewater, Bergen County. The article said it was a steakhouse that "can rank right up there with the big boys across the water."


Where do you go for your favorite steak dinner? What steakhouse in New Jersey would you pick for best in the Garden State? We always love getting your comments and recommendations.


By the way, this dessert the “Kitchen Sink Banana Split" looks intriguing ... (vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream, raspberry topping, River Palm’s homemade hot fudge, bananas, fresh whipped cream, and toasted almonds)


Best Steak In NJ


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