It might surprise you that this town is one of the most popular weekend getaways and one of the most charming. I love this little Jersey Shore town so much. It has so many memories for me.

I recently read an article on this charming little town and love to hear that weekend getaways are not just for the summer. This is also a winter weekend getaway spot, also.

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The spot that's so popular is Spring Lake. Located in Monmouth Count, this adorable beach town is a quiet, beautiful place at all times. From shopping, dining, a lighthouse, and so much more, it's a great getaway destination.

Bike at Spring Lake Beach
Bike at Spring Lake Beach (Bud McCormick)

I know it's tough to find a scoop of ice cream right now at the Jersey Shore, but Sundae Times Ice Cream Shop is one of the best. It is closed for several weeks in the winter but will open up soon for the season.

A recent article chose the twelve towns in the US for being the most quaint and charming.

It's not just the Spring Lake beach and ice cream shop, there's so much more to love about Spring Lake. You can tour local breweries, according to, and check out the Spring Lake Theater, and upscale shops. Let's talk delicious food, I love The Breakers. The spectacular views make the food even more delicious.

And, one last thing to make this the perfect weekend getaway, is the overnight stay. I have never stayed here, but my family has and loves it, The Chateau Inn and Suites. Think of it as a little bit larger than a Bed and Breakfast.

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