We all know that Monmouth County is our richer cousin to the north. But just how much richer may surprise you.

First, let's take a look at Ocean County.

We actually do pretty well compared to the national average. According to the 2015 American Community Survey, the median household income for the US as a whole is $53,889.

The same survey has Ocean County a little above that median, at $61,994. So we're certainly not doing too shabby when compared to the rest of the country.

We're a little below the median for the state, though. On the same list, the state as a whole has a median household income of $72,093.

So what's pushing that median number up for the state? Well, we can partially blame our neighbors to the immediate north. Monmouth County checks in at $85,242.

But, believe it or not Monmouth isn't even the richest county in The Garden State. Hunterdon County takes that crown with a stunning median household income of $105,444.

We're actually pretty much right in the middle. The lowest number for the state checks in from Cumberland County, at $49,984.

So if you've always had the thought that Monmouth County is our rich Shore neighbor to the north, now you have the numbers to back it up!


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