Meet Soldier! He needs his forever home!

Popcorn Park Zoo

Soldier boy, oh my little Soldier boy....our Soldier is hoping that like the song, he will find someone to be true to him. Yes, he does look a bit sad in pictures, but looks can be deceiving. Soldier is more calm and grateful, and not sad at all. He's quite happy to be in a good place where he'll get lots of love and good care. He's just 4 years old and is described by those that know him as, "positively lovely". He is just a bit shy but gets to know new friends quickly and is just a perfect gentleman. Soldier walks well on a leash and is easy going and well behaved. He has a warmth and sweetness about him that will win you over immediately. Soldier is fine with easy going dogs such as himself, and loves people of all ages. He would love to meet you and become a part of your family forever.

He's such a cutie - check out Soldier's video:

Soldier is ready for adoption at the Popcorn Park Zoo.

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ


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