Kasey has been at the Popcorn Park Shelter long enough, he's searching for his forever home.

Popcorn Park Zoo

Kasey just marked his two year anniversary with us. In two years, no one has offered Kasey a home. We don't get it either. True, Kasey has a grumpy side to him, but even his grumpy side is nothing really. He just turns the other way when he's had enough of your petting. He's a sweet, laid-back and lazy kind of guy that enjoys lounging out on a big, comfy bed in our free-roaming area, snoozing in the sun and letting the other cats know that the biggest bed in the place is his! Kasey is a 7 year old Bombay that was turned in due to his owner's landlord issues. Although Kasey lives with several other cats, he could take em' or leave em'. He would do best with another cat that doesn't bother him all the time. He's a sweet boy that would be overjoyed to plop down beside you on the couch, and be your best friend forever if you give him the chance.

Check out Kasey's video:

Popcorn Park Zoo

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