Today is National Fry Day (Tuesday, July 13th, 2021).🍟

You voted and you chose the "BEST" fries in Toms River. French fries are that yummy, extra side that pretty much goes with everything.

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There were several on the list from the Office Lounge and Water Street Bar and Grill. Both of those places in Toms River have spectacular fries. French fries make your burger and steak, or anything much better if they're great fries.

Several of you emailed me and Facebook messaged us:

Katie in Toms River loves McIntyre Pub's fries.

Louis in Toms River loves Burger 25's fries.

Tommy in Toms River loves Five Guys fries.

Burger 25 is the "BIG" winner of the "BEST French Fries" in Toms River. Congratulations Burger 25. Burger 25 fries are very good and my daughter's friends love going there for the fries and the milk shakes.🍟

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Diner fries are always delicious, too. I had a listener, Kellie from Toms River, email me and say she loves curly fries. Kellie, you're not the only one, lots of us love the curly fries. Speaking of diner fries, how about the best fries every - Disco Fries. I love them. If you've never had them, they're French fries with gravy over the fries.

Burger 25 was the winner, Five Guys coming in second, and McIntyre's Pub coming in third. I tried McIntyre's Pub's fries and they were really, really good.

Click here for the deals and free fries for National French Fry day, enjoy.🍟

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