SOMERVILLE — The Somerset County Sheriff's Office has arrested 38 people who owe a combined total of more than $850,00 in overdue child support.

Somerset County Sheriff Frank J. Provenzano said they were arrested between Oct. 23 and 25. Some of those arrested are also facing immigration and drug charges, according to Provenzano.

Brayan Lopez of Plainfield and Jairo Diaz of Bound Brook are being held at the Somerset County Jail on immigration detainers, while Newark resident Ake Brierri was charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

"This operation was conducted to remind parents of the importance of making regular child support payments and hopefully renew their commitment to do the right thing," Provenzano said. "Child support is a safety net for many Somerset County families. Children depend on child support for their basic needs such as food, shelter, healthcare and back-to-school clothing. Conducting these roundups gives us the ability to better serve children and families with the financial support they need and deserve."

The people arrested and how much they owe include:

Mark Montgomery,55, Somerset: $23,630.02
Kevin Stewart,32, Somerville: $4,483.95
Aaron Scott, 24, Middlesex: $3,909.97
Ryan Belly, 33, Middlesex: $9,298.61
Mark Emmerson, 58, Trenton: $46,065.74
John Renner Jr., 48, Neshanic Station: $22,793.76
Daniel Baggott, 36, North Plainfield: $1,851.09
Eduardo Mejiacerrato, 29, Dunellen: $14,415.00
Eddie Hopkins, 35, Plainfield: $17,288.93
Brayan Lopez, 22, Plainfield: $1,990.07
Andre Bright, 34, Plainfield: $3,200.00
Leonardo Lozano, 42, Plainfield: $9,518.47
Shaquaan Jefferson, 37, Phillipsburg: $3,791.95
Shaquaan Jefferson, 37, Phillipsburg: $11,026.57
Bruce Snyder, 50, Bridgewater: $56,641.17
Rudolph Wolfinger, 53, South River: $39,937.60
Gregory Richards, 56, South River: $5,066.58
Manuel Hernandez, 38, North Plainfield: $20,798.02
Luis Diaz, 36, Lawrence Township: $3,116.27
Luis Diaz, 36, Lawrence Township: $1,840.49
John Doe, 56, Somerville: $65,477.29
Marvin Adams, 52, Somerville: $17,726.68
Fahkir Gillespie, 31, Pine Hill: $4,088.38
Jose Perez-Arriaga, 43, Plainfield: $6,832.00
Paulo Lopes, 38, Flemington: $15,473.93
Erik Santiago, 29, New Brunswick: $4,318.00
Anel Otero, 25, Trenton: $1,076.42
Richard Rosenel, 49, Lambertville: $15,272.00
Spence Fakhair, 39, Orange: $60,215.33
Linda Sarceno, 31, North Plainfield: $27,365.00
Keeon Summers, 42, East Brunswick: $8,289.50
Keeon Summers, 42, East Brunswick: $24,820.60
Jorge Ramos, 25, Hillsborough: $6,596.75
Deborah Machado, 36, New Brunswick: $1,512.00
Ronald Daniel, 54, Bound Brook: $46,637.76
Jairo Diaz, 42, Bound Brook: $64,402.58
Garrett VanDoren, 56, Manville: $86,568.77
Joel Sanchez, 40, Monmouth Junction: $9,754.26
Ray Locacio, 43, Fords: $30,872.51
Peter Primavera, 61, North Plainfield: $52,591.15
Steven Lickman, 46, Atlantic City: $4,410.00

Since the arrests, the county has recovered $21,931 of the $854,965 owed, Provenzano said. The highest debt on the list — Manville resident Garrett Van Doren owes $86,568.77.

"The roundup was a great success as far as the statistics show," Provenzano said. "What we don't see is how many delinquent parents pay up once they know we are looking for them. Knowing that they face possible arrest encourages delinquent parents to uphold their obligations or face incarceration. It creates a compounding effect of payments that lasts weeks after the roundup."


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