I feel like I am going to be called into a meeting with senior management sometime this week for searching “nude beaches in NJ” on a company computer. So, just know, I did it for my readers and listeners.

Gif From Finding Nemo (Disney-Pixar)
Gif From Finding Nemo (Disney-Pixar)

So no, I am not just doing this blog “just cause”, I am doing it because today is National Nude Day! Just when you thought they have a day for everything, on the 14th of July -- it’s National Nude Day!

First off, you have to have some sort of -- erm -- confidence… to go to a nude beach.

I once accidentally walked onto a nude beach and Florida and let's just say it was me, who felt out of place.

Through my vigorous research on this very very important topic, I found out that there is only one nude beach here at the Jersey Shore: Gunnison Beach in Middletown!

As it turns out, Gunnison Beach, which is managed by the National Park Service is the only "clothing optional" beach in the state of New Jersey and can draw up to 5,000 "naturists" during the summer months.

So, well, there you go.






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