I found a recent New York Times article quite eye opening.  It was about the financial challenges many parents have during summer vacation.  While kids are off from school, many parents still have to work.  Who looks after the kids while Mom and Dad are away?  Daycare costs money.  Babysitters cost money.  Summer learning programs cost money.  So do day camps and sleepaway camps.

It struck me as unfair, and sad, that these parents are stressing out during what’s supposed to be a relaxing time of year.

I was a “Latchkey kid” for many years and really never minded.  But admittedly, I watched a lot of TV when I was home alone.  I’m sure there are better activities for kids that keep them learning and reading, so they don’t lose their math and reading skills over the summer.

Do you know of any free or low-cost programs to keep Ocean County kids occupied ?  How have you handled this while you’ve had to work?  Do you rely on friends and family?  Do your kids stay home?

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