If you've been down Main Street in Toms River in the last few days, you may have noticed that the town's landmark Office Restaurant & Lounge looks like what you see in the photo above, the old purple awning gone.

But don't let the look on the outside deceive you, they're still doing what they've been doing so well for a generation, with an end-of-summer target to debut a new look.

I'll admit that I did a double take earlier today and had a quick shot of anxiety thinking that the restaurant famous for everything from sushi to steaks and their penchant for $1 coins and $2 bills was no more.

But thanks to a phone call over to The Office, I was assured that they are indeed open for business and just undergoing renovations.

An email from management elaborated, saying that the project should last for the better part of the summer and is being done by the same company that did the renovations on The Office's West Dining Room.

So rest assured, Ocean County, The Office Restaurant & Lounge is indeed open for business and will be sporting a new look soon!


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