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I love being outdoors. I'm a big fan of nature. That doesn't mean I like getting swarmed by mosquitoes or swatting flies away from the beverage I'm trying to enjoy on my patio. If you also want those bugs to buzz off, it's time to consider this bug zapper for the ages.


HEMIUA Bug Zapper for Outdoor and Indoor

I was intrigued by the sheer number of reviews, and the most common thing is just that it works like a charm; it's efficient, not too noisy, and it's easy to place wherever it's needed. This waterproof mosquito zapper uses a 15W bulb to attract mosquitoes, flies, gnats and any other small flying insects - it seriously does not discriminate, so watch out if you're a fan of bees or butterflies in your outdoor area. The internal 4200V electric grid is fenced within an ABS housing so people and animals don't have to worry about shocks from accidental contact. It's compact but it's powerful! The coverage area is more than 1500 sq. ft., so just place it on a flat surface or use the ring on top to hang it on your patio or any other elevated area. A removable tray is included, and according to the reviews, you are gonna need it because there will be a lot of bug carnage - which is what you want!

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