Here is some news that may make you "wine."

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My fellow wine lover of a friend, Nicole Murray on our sister station, 94.3 the Point, broke the news that the Jersey Shore Wine Festival has been postponed till 2021. Cue the sad horn. Although it's disappointing, it's for the best, because the event was postponed with everyone's safety in mind due to Covid-19.

The Jersey Shore Wine Festival was supposed to happen on October 3rd at First Energy Park, after having already been postponed from this April. There is no official date set for 2021 just yet, but the festival's website says they know it will take place in the springtime. Already bought tickets? Don't worry, the site says still be valid for the 2021 event.

Nicole Murray put it best when she said:

So does this suck? YES.

But is your safety more important than wine? NO.....ok yes, it is. LOL. I know, I'm awful.

We'll get through this, folks. Just get through 2020 and hopefully all with COVID-19 is cleared up and all of our wine festivals can return in 2021.

She is 100% right. I know I can't wait for the day until I am sipping wine with my friends at a festival or big event again, but being safe and preventing the spread of Covid-19 is way more important. Hopefully, we will be out of this soon!

Diana Tyler
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