Gas just went up on Valentine's Day again, nationwide.

Can we ever get any relief from rising gas prices? According to the and AAA, which tracks gas prices, New Jersey gas prices were averaged at around $3.60 and jumped 9 more cents on "love" day.

Do you remember when gas prices were the highest we've ever seen in 2018 $4.11?

I do remember that, crazy.

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How much is the average gas in Ocean and Monmouth Counties right now?

According to the, Ocean County is at $3.63 / gallon and Monmouth County is at $3.61 / gallon. Ocean County has one of the highest gas prices in New Jersey.

Steve Hix / Somos Images / Corbis, Getty Stock ThinkStock
Steve Hix / Somos Images / Corbis, Getty Stock ThinkStock

Where is the cheapest gas in Ocean County?

Thanks to GasBuddy, here are the cheapest places to get gas in Ocean County:

*Costco, Brick - Rt. 70, $3.41

*Delta, Pt. Pleasant - 2501 Bridge Avenue, $3.43

*Shell, Toms River - 1350 Lakewood Road, $3.45

*Delta, Brick - 20 Brick Blvd., $3.45

Costco in Brick has the cheapest gas, from reports we're getting from GasBuddy, right now in Ocean County.

So, I would love your help. If you get gas today, jot down the amount. If you see a little cheaper than $3.40 for regular, let me know, I'd love to put a list together helping our neighbors and friends out on where to find the cheapest gas in Ocean County. I love asking you to help, you always come through. Will it be the cheapest in Toms River? Will it be the cheapest in Forked River? Let's find out. Let's help each other out.

The average price of a gallon of regular gas in New Jersey last week was up a couple of cents from two weeks ago at $3.60. Last year, believe it or not, we were paying around $2.30 last year this time. In the country, in New Jersey, we are not the highest and we are not the lowest, according to We are second highest next to the west coast.


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