It is the 4th of July weekend and you know what that means, besides the BBQ, the ICE CREAM.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

When you come to the Jersey Shore, especially Ocean County, you need to grab that cone of your favorite ice cream. Visitors come to the boardwalk for fries, pizza, games, rides, and the ice cream.

Female Lips with Ice Cream Cone

There's an art to eating ice cream. There are 3 ways to eat ice cream, I had no clue. I asked friends how they eat their ice cream cone. First Shawn (my partner in the mornings) licks his cone, right to left. A couple of my friends lick their ice cream left to right. And then, the weirdest I've heard...but weird is good...they bite the top of the ice cream at the top before they start licking. Our promotions assistant Kory, just told me he's a biter of his ice cream, very interesting. Think about it, I know you're probably thinking about it now, "How do I eat an ice cream cone?"

Then we talk flavors, many I know love mixing flavors together, the twists, hard ice cream, and of course, the soft. The soft is what I love and chocolate is my favorite.

According to, these are the "best" ice cream in Ocean County:

Skipper Dipper / LBI

Rich's Ice Cream / Toms River

Hoffman's Ice Cream / Pt. Pleasant

Mrs. Walker's Ice Cream / Toms River

Kohr Brothers / Seaside Heights

From friends, some of their favorites:

Point Creamery / Pt. Pleasant

O.G Creamery / Ocean Gate

I scream, we all scream for a Summer Cone. Enjoy your ice cream this weekend.

Where is the "BEST" ice cream in Ocean County.


Sue Moll
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