The New Jersey Sharing Network reports a record number of successful organ transplants in the state during 2018. And there was an unprecedented number of eye donors who gave the gift of sight.

Network President and CEO Joe Roth says there were 678 life-saving transplants in the state during the year.

The transplants came from 141 living donors and 537 donors who had died.

Roth says the typical organ donor in New Jersey is a resident who has suffered a non-survivable head injury.

On average, a single donor can provide three to four organs, Usually a liver and two kidneys.

"But we have been very fortunate to be able to recover more hearts and also lungs that can help save additional lives," Roth said Tuesday.

"We're seeing that these stats are characterized as record breaking. More hearts were transplanted than ever before. We transplanted 79 hearts, which was an 18 percent increase over 2017."

Also, there was an unprecedented number of eye donors: 826. That represented a 9 percent increase from 2017.

Among the beneficiaries of the generosity of organ donors so far this year is New Jersey 101.5's Bob Williams, who received a kidney transplant last week. Bob tells us all is going well and he's feeling healthier with the new kidney with each passing day.

Roth says you can have the conversation about organ donation with family and friends and get more info at

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