I love this creative and simple way to give kids something to do during the COVID-19 coronavirus restrictions.

The "Teddy Bear Hunt" is basically a social distancing-friendly scavenger hunt that anybody can take part in.

People around the world are putting their teddy bears in the windows of their homes for neighborhood kids to spot.

New Zealand In Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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According to USAToday, the safe and kid-friendly game has brought neighborhoods together during the coronavirus crisis:

The stuffed animals are appearing in windows around the world in global "Teddy Bear Hunts" for children — uniting neighborhoods and giving children an exciting, social-distancing-safe scavenger hunt activity during coronavirus lockdowns.

Groups are popping up across social media to promote Teddy Bear Hunts in towns around the globe.

It's easy to participate in your very own local Teddy Bear Hunt, just put your favorite stuffed animal in your home's window, spread the word, and have fun!

You can click here to read more, including about the game's origin, on the USAToday article by clicking here.


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