Look at that photo above. Taylor Swift leads a pretty glamorous life, right? Surrounded by paparazzi, fans, other celebrities, and decked out in gazillion dollar clothes.

But if there's one thing that she keeps showing us, it's that away from the cameras she's just a normal 20-something like any other.

Of course we all remember last summer when she made a surprise visit to Ocean County and showed up at a wedding on Long Beach Island, serenading the bride and groom with their favorite tune of hers ("Blank Space", for the record).

She also has a well earned reputation for pretty much being awesome to her fans.

And today, we're getting a look behind the scenes at her excitement about something that you'd think she would be used to by now - hearing one of her songs on the radio.

Just moments ago she posted a video of her first time hearing her new song "I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)" on the radio. Take a look:



You keep being you, Taylor!


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