Crack cocaine, prescription narcotics and more than $12,000 in Howell Township house trigger charges against two men living inside.


Township police said that Ralph Cavalieri, 64, and Dameon Loftland, 29, were stopped while trying to drive away from the West Sixth Street dwelling when investigators in a two-month crack probe arrived with a search warrant Wednesday. Several others were also rounded up.

The search yielded the contraband and cash, and Loftland had several pieces of crack cocaine in his underwear, police said.

Loftland and Cavalieri were charged and released on criminal summonsses. Cavalieri is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia in the form of crack pipes. Loftland faces counts of crack cocaine possession, possession with intent to distribute, three counts of possession of controlled dangerous substances, and possession of marijuana.

Howell police urge residents to keep them apprised of suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. Non-urgent tips can be submitted through the Howell Police Anonymous Tip Line.

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