MANCHESTER — An investigation is underway to find the perpetrators that committed two burglaries at the same convenience store in the same week, according to the Manchester Township Police Department.

Both burglaries occurred in the early morning hours when the store was closed.

On Saturday, August 17th, at 2:15 am officers responded to the Circle K on 2001 Ridgeway Avenue for a report of an alarm activation in the store.

When officers arrived, they found that the door was unsecured. They proceeded to search the store and found that the ceiling was broken near the air conditioning duct. Debris on the floor indicated to the officers that the suspect came through the roof.

Officers also noticed that the safe and cash registers had been tampered with.

Surveillance footage showed that the suspect was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, gloves, and a dark backpack and made off with $500.00 in cash.

In the second incident, on Friday, August 3rd, at 2:50 officers received yet another call that an alarm has been activated at the same Circle K on Ridgeway Road.

While officers were waiting for the owners of the store to arrive at the establishment to check video footage, a subject wearing all black was walking along a trail in a heavily wooded area behind the store.

Officers asked the suspect to stop multiple times before they fled on foot.

After an extensive search and the deployment of K-9 units and various technology, the suspect could not be located.

Anyone that has any information regarding the incident or the subject involved should contact the Manchester Township Police Department at 732-657-2009, ext. 4210.

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