When registered Republican voters overwhelmingly out number Democrats in Ocean County and Toms River Township, Democrats are hoping a familiar face will overcome the mathematics in electing them to public office.

Former Toms River Mayor Paul Brush. (Ilya Hemlin/Townsquare Media NJ)

Former Mayor Paul Brush is on the ballot to run for the Ward 2 council seat currently held by Republican Brian Kubiel, who's running for re-election. Brush says his decision to run has everything to do with Superstorm Sandy.

"The council is going to have a very very important role in determining the future of the town and the cost and the clean up in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and I want to be involved in that."

Brush criticizes incumbent council members for a number of decisions. However, in his mind nothing sticks out more than the award of a Republican favored no-bid contract for debris removal after Sandy. "I think frankly, you know, we've seen that the cost of the clean up is probably twice as much as it should have been with the contract that was given out by the state, the no-bid contract and the township went along with it."

Brush says there's evidence of greater cost savings realized by other towns when they used either local companies or put debris removal contracts out to bid.

He encourages Republican and independent voters to consider people from other parties for public office. "If you had differing opinions or differing approaches on the council in the decision making process then you generally end up with better public policy.

Brush recently ran again for the Township Mayor's post and lost to incumbent Mayor Tom Keleher.

His ballot mates include Linda Stevens, Gary Clifton and Eli Eytan.