Plenty of us will be taking advantage of Ocean County's world class beaches this summer. But scammers are trying to take advantage of us as beach season arrives.

You may have seen ads online for what these scammers are calling, "natural sunscreen pills".

It can be awfully tempting to think about no longer having to remember sunscreen, never again having to find someone to help you put it on, and then smelling like Coppertone for the day.

Plus, as society moves more in the direction of everything all-natural and chemical free, the temptation can be even greater.

But there's one big problem with this - the claims are completely false, and in fact illegal.

In fact, USAToday reports that the FDA has sent letters to a number of companies marketing these "natural sunscreen pills", warning that they are committing a crime by making such claims.

In the story, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is quoted as saying that, "There’s no pill or capsule that can replace your sunscreen".

When we're talking about something as serious as cancer, you have to wonder what kinds of people would sink this low.

The worst part about this is the fact that we live in an age of scientific breakthroughs that make something like this seem somewhat plausible.

So, let your loved ones know as we flock to our Ocean County beaches this summer, as tempting as it may seem to be able to throw out the messy sunscreen forever, you'll be wasting your money at best, and at worst the ramifications could be literally life threatening.


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