Over the last few weeks, I have been browsing zillow.com, one of the most popular websites for home buying and selling, and I have come across many houses that have made my eyes open wide if you catch my drift.

I think that it is amusing to browse in price ranges that I probably will never reach, or even if I did, I wouldn't consider buying a house for that amount of money.

If you have millions in the bank, you're going to love this stunning house on the beach at the Jersey Shore. The home has over 4,000 views and is still for sale, according to Zillow.

7-A Long Beach Boulevard in Long Beach Township, a 4,573 square foot home on over two acres of land — right on the water — is retailing for a whopping $7,895,000.

The property that can fit a tennis court on the lawn is propped upright against the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and has its very own beach outside.

Monmouth Ocean Regional Realtors (7-A Long Beach Blvd)
Monmouth Ocean Regional Realtors (7-A Long Beach Blvd)

Suppose you don't want to lounge on your private beach. In that case, you can sit on the beautiful deck on the top floor and look out at the stunning ocean, "the house is unique in that it not only has 180-degree ocean views but also enjoys bay views and sunsets, with single-home tracts across the street," the description on Zillow says.

7-A Long Beach Boulevard

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