Carrying around your COVID-19 vaccine card in your pocket or handbag? Two national office supply stores are offering to laminate it for you for free.

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Over the weekend, I finally took my vaccine card out of a pocket in my purse where I had been keeping it and put it into a desk drawer. But the edges were already becoming bended and worn. So, its great to see places like Staples and Office Depot stepping up to offer to laminate vaccine cards, reports FOX 8 News, because it's looking like there may come a time in the near future where we need to produce proof that we've received protection against COVID-19 to attend certain events or be allowed at certain places.

StaplesOffice Depot

By the way, should you misplace your vaccination card, the Centers for Disease Control suggests that you contact the facility where you got vaccinated or the New Jersey COVID-19 info hotline, according to FOX 8.

It's also a good idea to make a few photo copies of your vaccine card, but not a good idea to post photos of your card on social media, as it contains sensitive information.

SOURCES: sarahsolfails/Twitter;; OfficeDepot/Twitter

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