I keep reading articles about how standing at work will make us more healthy but the truth is, I love to sit.  I'm more comfortable.  When sitting at a meeting, I can focus better on the conversation and the note taking.  I'm not lazy, I just don't like to be on my feet for long stretches.

In fact, I've always wondered why cashiers in America have to stand at their registers.  Don't they get tired?  Don't their feet and backs hurt?

In corporate America, there's more and more press about the health benefits of standing desks.  My good friend has one and loves it!  It cured a nerve/pain issue he was having from all the sitting he used to do at his desk.  Plus, you can't fall asleep on the job if you're standing.  Some people love their standing desks so much they upgrade to treadmill desks!  I admire those people.  But I'll never be one of them.  I'm a sitter.

I read that the average office worker sits 5 hours and 41 minutes a day on the job.  Many medical professionals say there are lots of health benefits to standing and moving more at work.  And productivity experts encourage holding "stand up" meetings to keep everyone engaged and to prevent distractions and lulls in the conversation.

Does your workplace encourage standing while meeting?  Would you ever use a standing desk?  If you're a cashier, how do you handle the fatigue that comes with standing during your shift?  Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below.