The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning to anyone who may have purchased a pre-packaged salami product sold at Trader Joe's and other stores to not eat it, and immediately throw it out.

"Premium Italian-Style Salame Sticks," made by Citterio, should be tossed regardless of the best-by date, according to the CDC, due to potential salmonella contamination that is still being investigated.

So far 20 illnesses have been reported across the United States, with one of those in New Jersey. Three of the 20 people sickened needed to be hospitalized.

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There has been no official recall, but the CDC said its investigators are still determining if related products may also be contaminated.

Home consumers and businesses alike are urged to wash and sanitize surfaces that may have come in contact with this product, including storage containers.

As New Jersey 101.5 recently reported with respect to an outbreak tied to imported onions, most people recover from the effects of salmonella poisoning within a week, but children younger than 5 and adults over 65 are at increased risk of medical treatment or hospitalization.

Symptoms include prolonged diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and dehydration.

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