The first Southern Serves Day was held earlier this month and it was an amazing job by the 7th Graders at Southern Regional helping out the community.

According to the, the students cut and tallied up "Troopons" for military bases. It was the first ever Southern Serves Day on February 14th, 2020. The Support our Troops program now has more than 13,000 manufactured coupons for military bases and our troops. I love hearing stories like this and our great kids in Ocean County.

Southern Serves Day also had the students contributing to:

-160 "thank you" bags with cards and tokens of appreciation for police

-880 sets of individually fashioned beads for the Beads for Courage program, which supports children whose sibling is facing serious illness

-100 "thank you" cards for military personnel and their families

...and so much more. CLICK HERE for the entire list of how these kids helped out.

Awesome job to everyone involved.

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