By this time next week, you might not be able to find a plastic straw in all of Point Pleasant Beach, not even at the grocery store.

An ordinance that was introduced to the Point Pleasant Beach Council is calling for a complete ban on single-use plastic straws.

In other words, you couldn't even run out to Stop & Shop and grab a package of plastic straws.

Which, given the plentiful alternatives these days, isn't really a bad thing if we're being honest.

According to a article,

...officials said the straws can pollute the environment and impact the tourism and fishing industry, especially since they can end up in the garbage at the beach.

The ordinance will come up next at the Council meeting on August 6th, and could be passed then and there.

Of course, while the ordinance would ban plastic straws, shoppers could still stock up on paper straws and even reusable metal straws.




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