MTV 'Jersey Shore' stars Snooki and J-Woww may have put their partying days behind them, but the pair did return to their old stomping grounds this week. They visited the old 'Jersey Shore' house in Seaside Heights, and they each brought their young kids with them.

Entertainment Tonight posted the video of the pair as they returned to the house. As their duo stood outside of the home, Snooki said, “I can’t believe it’s still standing!” JWoww replied by saying, “Yeah, I can’t believe it’s not burned down."

The full clip from Entertainment Tonight shows the pair as they take their toddlers through the house:

The pair are currently starring in a web-series that will include a stop at their old stomping grounds. The full episode of 'Snooki & JWOWW: Moms With Attitude' premieres tonight (Aug. 17), on the go90 app, ET reports.

This got me thinking: have you taken a photo in front of the house? I know whenever friends and family visit the shore, they STILL want to see the house (years after the show went off the air). I've never taken a photo in front of the house, but the house is still available as a rental.

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