A Bi-Partisan bill signed into law in early May by Governor Chris Christie seeks to safeguard New Jersey teenagers and senior citizens in particular from falling prey to predatory alienation.


The measure ignites a six-month study by the Departments of Children and Families and Human Services to find out how predators are manipulating people and turning them against their own family and friends.

Following the completion of their study, they'll share the results with legislators.

It was a push from the non-profit organization New Jersey Safe and Sound that helped get things going.

"This issue of predatory alienation is really something that affects quite a number of people in different ways," said Spokeswoman Mary Gendron, who adds that one way is the luring of people to leave their families and join a cult.

The bill (S2562/A4244) was co-sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (37th-District-Democrat) and Senator Gerry Cardinale (39th-District-Republican) after a referral to Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee Chair Senator Joe Vitale (19th-District-Democrat).

“I am glad we were able to get this bill passed into law. Predatory alienation is not very well understood in our society or in our courts today," said Weinberg in a release. "This bill provides a path for study and understanding, and hopefully better outcomes for the young adults and senior citizens who are often the subject of this alienation.”

New Jersey Safe and Sound continues its educational outreach to inform more people about the seriousness of this brain washing/mind control problem.

Gendron says they hope the study will uncover why predators are manipulating and coercing people and taking them away from their families.

"For example, a teen is alienated from his family...why did that happen? whose fault is it?'," said Gendron. "It's looked at in a way that is not necessarily the way it should be looked at which is more of a public health issue than anything."

She adds many families who are reunited following this kind of trauma with their child or an elderly loved on often struggle to find a way to move forward.

Through continued education outreach and the pending results of this study, New Jersey Safe and Sound holds out hope new laws can be passed to prevent this from happening and keep everyone safe.

Gendron says predators have no allies and almost anyone can fall victim in this mind control crime.

"In many instances these are not necessarily people who are troubled or noted to be troubled to begin with," said Gendron. "They just find themselves in circumstances where vulnerabilities are exploited."

She explains that in many cases victims fall into an unhealthy situation that's difficult to overcome.

There also needs to be legal recourse, she adds, "for a family who lets say has a 17-year old child, who has been lured away from the family...at this point unless that child is under 16-years old the parents have no legal recourse."

She adds they hope the study will lead to more enacted laws that will protect people from this kind of traumatic experience and vulnerability and give parents more protection for their kids.

New Jersey Safe and Sound has put together a list of what signs to look for to prevent mind hacking/control issues from happening and what to do if you sense trouble.

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